Ace of bass


Rickard and Stefan teamed up tonight and did some guitar and bass. Rickard had some really good ideas prepared and it’s exciting to go into musical areas we haven’t really explored before!


First day of vocals

studioExciting day today! We met at Stefan’s studio to start recording vocals for the new album.

Emma worked on four songs, check out the excerpt from one of them – still without title – below.

Garmarna from Rickard Westman on Vimeo.

/Rickard, Garmarna

Yes it’s true…

…Garmarna are actually recording a new album. Two weeks ago we entered Nevo Studios in Sundsvall (where we recorded Vedergällningen) for the first recording session for our sixth album. We recorded ten drum tracks in two days, as well as some demo vocals and some jamming with all five members of the band. This week work on the album continued with Gotte laying down some guitar tracks at Stefans studio in Stockholm.

When will the album be released? When it’s done. Does it sound good? Hell Yeah!

Be sure to check out this site for news as things develop. It’s our official source of information surrounding the new album.

We’ll keep you posted.