Listening to some rough mixes…

We haven’t done any updates in a while, but the Stockholm chapter of Garmarna has been busy in Stefans studio as often as possible (remember we have family obligations nowadays). Emma has also done some killer vocal tracks and right now I’m listening to three rough mixes.

It really sounds like a refreshing and daring step forward, musically, and it´s really exciting to hear the result. Many of the songs have been in a demo state for about ten years, some even longer, but it really feels like the songs are taken to new heights and new directions. Dare I say this might turn out to be the best album we´ve done so far?  🙂





Yes it’s true…

…Garmarna are actually recording a new album. Two weeks ago we entered Nevo Studios in Sundsvall (where we recorded Vedergällningen) for the first recording session for our sixth album. We recorded ten drum tracks in two days, as well as some demo vocals and some jamming with all five members of the band. This week work on the album continued with Gotte laying down some guitar tracks at Stefans studio in Stockholm.

When will the album be released? When it’s done. Does it sound good? Hell Yeah!

Be sure to check out this site for news as things develop. It’s our official source of information surrounding the new album.

We’ll keep you posted.