Our new album is out now!

This friday, the 8th of april, we released the new album “6”. The response has been quite overwhelming, with great reviews and great response from the people that are most important to us – you guys.
We’ve been busy rehearsing the new songs this week, and even found time to record  a little something that will be released about a month from now. We had some setbacks in the form of Stefan catching pneumonia in the midst of all this, so he and Gotte missed out on friday nights celebration of the album (Gotte was scheduled for the night shift, saving lives, at the hospital we´re he works). Emma, Rickard and Jens celebrated with champagne and dinner at a great burger joint, accompanied by long time friend and singer songwriter extraordinaire Lars Bygdén.
If you haven’t heard the album it’s out at all the major streaming sites. It’s also available in physical form at both online and physical retailers. The vinyl version of the album is a bit delayed, because of the huge demand for vinyl, but should arrive late may or early june. Be sure to check it out though because it’s truly a work of art.

You can find the album here:

And on these streaming sites and online shops:
Spotify (With two bonus tracks): https://open.spotify.com/album/1BExa3f20uyNcjhbPXZCAk

Apple Music
Google Play:
Itunes Store:
Tidal: tidal.com/album/58186439




  1. Fantastic! Is there any way to purchase the CD/LP and have it shipped to the US?


  2. Vackert! Jag förväntar mig en världsturné till södra Sverige, i synnerhet Göteborg.

    När blir den av?


  3. Förresten, jag märkte att ni har två bonuslåtar på Spotify. Varför finns inte de på Apple Music?


  4. Garmarna rebirthed into the next millenium.
    The new album is harder and more electronic, but it’s als more modern and I like the new style.
    The mix of the songs is excellent, with the traditional influx and the social and political themes.
    I wish for the band that the new album is a international success and that they have much fun in making new songs, get on tour again and get much love and admiration of the new and old fans.

    Good luck for the future.


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