The video is finally here!

Two week has gone by, since the release of “Över gränsen”, and we are thrilled by the reception. Now it´s time to unleash the video for the song. It’s directed by Emil Ryderup, that also directed the video for “The Hole” by our dear friend Lars Bygdén (check it out if you haven´t seen it). Crank up the volume and enjoy! And don´t forget to share this gem and let us know what you think about it.





  1. Hey! You’re pretty good and… i don’t know how saying it in english, that you’re wery, wery amasing! I want to know, if there’ll be one day, when you decide to go to Russia?


  2. I saw you guys perform on September 26th 2002 at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and have never forgotten that performance. Let me know when/if you are planning a return to North America. I will fly or drive to wherever you are playing. Skol!


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